House Washing

House looking old, moldy or just plain dirty? Construction, pollution or weather can change the appearance of your residence or office. C.W.C. Property Maintenance can revitalize the exterior of your home or office in Oakville or Burlington. Whether aluminum, vinyl or wood siding, soffits fascia, eaves trough, shutter doors etc, C.W.C. will hand scrub the exterior. The results are amazing. Bio-degradable non toxic products only are applied. These will not harm plants or animals or discolour your home.

DOES POWER WASHING DO A BETTER JOB? Too much water sprayed directly at your home at high pressure can cause serious damage. Basement flooding, paint peeling, and denting of aluminum are just a few examples. Power washing without scrubbing is the same as blowing on a dusty table. It only removes the top layer.